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Now that I think about it, my life feels like a fairy tale. I ended up in a dream career, simply by trying to keep food in my fridge and a roof over my head. I have been lucky enough to work for some amazing companies that supported me so I could achieve some great heights. 

Construction has given me an amazing life. My personal wish is to see more women choosing this career path. Looking at statistics though, it’s pretty scary. There are less than 5% of women in the industry and 50% leave after the 1st year.

I started looking a bit deeper into the issue. I started looking into my own history and for some reason I ignored a lot of the negatives because I just needed to plow through it. I have been insulted, harassed, judged, had the doors slammed in my face and many other setbacks. Somehow though I persevered! Was it luck? Absolutely not. I am where I am today because of hard work and the many people that have supported me along the way.  

In that spirit, this site is dedicated to all my supporters, past and present. As a way of paying it forward, I have made it my purpose to support as many women and men achieve their greatness through awareness, education, and mentorship.

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